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Heads up: Small Hiatus

Just giving you guys a heads up why nothing has been moving along on here: 

This blog is going to officially be on a small hiatus while I work on some art prints for some pony cons. 

Thanks so much for understanding, and hopefully I can just focus on the prints and knock them out of the way!

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For now on this blog will be featuring the one and only glorious KING Posi—- Starswirl. 

April fools guest post by:  http://asksurprise.tumblr.com/

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Regarding AskStarswirl


Hey, just a heads up to my fellow followers on here that also follow my askblog:

If you have been seeing the pictures like I have of the “official” designs of starswirl; based off the comics. You’ll notice that there are kinda two of them.

As for my askstarswirl blog, if the coloration of…

Inkeed: Reblogging this from my mod blog; because official release of the comic shows more grey/white starswirl. 

Good news is that his eyes are yellow! 

Part of the reason why last update has been sorta put off. So will finish my current story arch with the crystal catacombs. 

I promise that these posts will be super super super rare. Just wanted to put this information out here for anyone who doesn’t follow my mod blog. 

Also to keep these posts separate, going to rearrange my blog layout some time and put tags on all the updates; so that way if these posts are “bleh” you can just look at the story updates!

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Ask Starswirl Coming to Bronycon!

Mod: I’ll promise to do these posts rarely! But I just wanted to give a heads up that I have been confirmed for a table at Bronycon 2014! I will be in the artists alley section, and will be sharing a table with Valcron (also known as dreatos on deviantart).

I’ll keep you posted on table and other information to come!


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Clover: So where exactly are you taking me again Starswirl? You must be insane to take me through this death trap dubbed the Crystal Catacombs!

Mod note:

Will answer questions soon (next update, which is in the works now)! Sorry this took so long, these last two weeks have been pretty crazy for me. 

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You never know when you’ll have to use their powers against them. 

You never know when you’ll have to use their powers against them. 

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Mod: Love love love!

Mod: Love love love!

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But of course, little did I know that teaching Clover would be the biggest challenge I have encountered. 

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Ask me anything

Hey, just a little reminder that the ask box is open! Feel free to drop a message! 

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Clover: Why swirly, will you stop writing your poetry and help me EXTINGUISH THIS FIRE?

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